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Shield  Proactive Planning for Business Disruptions


WHO should use B-ReadyNow?
If you are a small business, a department within an organization, or a non-profit organization, then this is the site for you. The "Canadian Small Business Monitor - Quarterly Tracking Survey - Q3 2009" conducted by Angus Reid for American Express Monitor indicated that small sized businesses are ill prepared for local disruptive events, let alone a prolonged economic recession compounded by a disruptive event. Do you fall into this group?
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WHAT is B-ReadyNow?
The core of B-ReadyNow program is our cost effective (only $250 CAD per annum), simple 6 Step process resulting in an on-line business disruption plan. It is possible to build a plan in 1 day. Our 6 Step process is a logical, non-technical, common sense approach to disruption planning.
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WHY should you use B-ReadyNow?
Organizations that have a plan in place are better able to deal with a disruptive event and continue their operations (e.g. - cash flow is maintained, jobs are retained and clients are serviced).
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