What Is Business Continuity Planning (BCP)?


Prepare now, mitigate against potential hazards and operational risks. Protect your Employees, your Clients, your Organization and your Business - Create a Roadmap for a Stronger Organization, a Path to Resiliency!


Threat and risks to Canadians are becoming increasingly complex and can escalate quickly in scope and severity, resulting in the need for your business, organizations and communities to be prepared to address these threats.


Business continuity… prepares organization to respond to incidents and interruptions that you may face affecting your essential operations, business functions and clients. Having a plan will assist you to fully recover your operations, services and programs.


As you are doing your plan, you will identify exposure to internal and external threats. It will help to prepare consequently, providing you with all the information that you need to ensure full recovery while maintaining competitive advantage, integrity and resilience. A business continuity plan is a roadmap for ensuring continuing of your operations under adverse scalable conditions or events.


Business continuity is a critical process. Whether you are a large or an SME (Small to Medium Sized Enterprise or Organization) you will have the ability to respond promptly and effectively to any event, incident. Having a plan, building capability, capacity, your business, your organization is far more likely to survive the effects of an incident.


You can save time and money, build your own resilience, build your plan!


B-ReadyNow offers a simple cost effective process that will help you to implement a simple, six-step process. A unique solution!


As a B-ReadyNow subscriber, you will have a complete effective plan! Save money, save time, customize your own plan. Be prepared!


B-ReadyNow Makes Business Continuity Planning Easier


Business owners or administrators indicate that lack of time, money and resources are their biggest challenges, and may prevent them from being able to fully implement a plan.


B-ReadyNow provides a logical, step-by-step sequence to understanding business continuity planning assisting to build your own plan with a minimum of budget, time and manpower. Incident such as fire, floods or natural disasters strike without warning. The impact on your business operations can be substantial. Be ready now!


B-ReadyNow's Six Steps and their 'Business Continuity' Names


  1. Know Your Risks – Risk Assessment, evaluation and control.
  2. Know the Impacts – Business Impact Assessment (BIA).
  3. Create Strategies – Mitigation, business continuity strategies.
  4. Develop Communications – Contacts and crisis communications.
  5. Complete the Plan – Response and recovery strategies and structures.
  6. Exercise and Review – Plan testing and maintenance.


Seven of the ten professional practice subject areas as outlined by the Disaster Recovery Institute (DRI) are covered within the B-ReadyNow 'Plan Builder'. The remaining three are discussed and addressed as they become relevant for small business and non-profit operations.


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